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Social responsibility at marenas

We consider a common set of basic values for all consultants fundamental. We are aware of the fact, that we should not take our living standards for granted. Therefore, actively taking social responsibility and giving important and necessary impulses in areas exceeding our daily consulting business, is truly dear to our hearts. This is why we launched the project "share".

In line with the principle "think and act - global and local", we especially want to become involved in projects, which are committed to education. These can be active internationally, as well as regionally.

It is especially important to marenas, that the funded projects meet the following criteria:

  • Transparency in the use of donations
  • Maintaining a personal relationship with the recipients and/or beneficiaries of the donation
  • The possibility to further develop cooperation 
  • A tangible benefit resulting from our donations for the recipient(s)

Our financial donations are taken from the current operating result. Thus, every single employee contributes to the amount of the donation through his/her work.

Projects we are currently involved in

2017 | marenas takes responsibility for refugees in our hometown Munich

Since 2015 Dr. med. Beatrix Jakubicka is committed to supporting refugees in Munich, with her main focus on the refugee home in the Klausenburger Straße 6. In addition to establishing tandem partnerships and sponsorships, she has started a music project aiming to ease the integration of refugees. This includes the children's choir "Vielharmonie", a drama group and music lessons for refugee children. The donation from marenas enables two children to take violin lessons for ten months.

The donation also finances t-shirts for the children's choir, violin strings and shoulder pieces, diapers as well as materials for a festival of light in the refugee home, for and with refugees as well as anyone else who is interested.

In addition to financial support, the project also offers the employees of marenas the opportunity to get involved individually with Ms Jakubicka through donations in kind or money as well as individual activities for the refugees.

2017 | marenas takes responsibility for education in Tanzania

For years, the Congregation of the Sisters of the Redeemer has been promoting education in Tanzania. Not only do children receive basic education in their schools and kindergartens, but also a warm lunch, a safe haven and a future prospect. At the request of the sisters, Monika Ullmann (Montessori Landesverband Bayern (Montessori Regional Association Bavaria), MLVB) flew to Tanzania for the first time in 2015 to train teachers and educators in accord with the Montessori concept. Above all, the courses teach participants how to educate children without violence and considering Tanzanian culture.

Our donation enables the sisters to finance an additional two-year training in accord with the Montessori principles, for an educator. It also buys furniture for a newly built school, which has nine classrooms and a dining hall with a kitchen. In addition, 1150 children will receive new textbooks.

The donation was presented on November 20, 2017, in the premises of the MLVB in Munich. "Thanks to the donation from marenas, we can further develop our commitment to education in Tanzania. Focusing on education in particular, enables us to lay the foundations for a lasting improvement in people’s lives. We are very pleased about marenas' financial support and thank you sincerely. “(Sister Monika after being presented with the donation)

What happened so far

Our employees restored the garden fence of the building of the Jugendhaus München e.V, in 2015, together with the teenagers. In addition, two employees organized and carried out a weekend outing for socially disadvantaged families in 2015.

Furthermore, marenas supports the following organizations and projects financially or through active participation:

Would you like to know more about these or other marenas projects? We look forward to receiving your comment and/or input in terms of "share" at